Created in collaboration with Janice Ahn, Angela Lee Yoon Sun, and Hyunji AJ Bae at Art Center College of Design.
Everyone on the team contributed an overwhelming amount to every aspect of the piece:
Story, Design, Modeling, Texturing, Animating, and Compositing.

An alien civilization discovers coffee and broadcasts a newsreel of information about the mysterious bean.

Zack Taylor

Sound Engineer:
Shane Sharpe

Music from:
Beat the Clock "Subway Polka"

Special Thanks to:
Rob Garrot and Miguel Lee

92nd ADC Awards - Animation Bronze
London International Creative Competition 2013 Shortlist
ADAA Semifinalist
Screened at Southern Exposure

This entire piece was uniquely collaborative. From the story and character design to modeling and animating, everyone was constantly building up each others work. Everyone was extremely humble and hardworking, constantly in communication and updating each other, free to brainstorm and open to change but willing to fight for ideas worth saving. While there may be areas of the piece each person favored more with their time, we all wound up helping each other with every element and task. It was such a pleasure working with Janice, AJ, and Angela; I look forward to future projects we can do together!

We spent a great amount of time refining our story ideas and trimming the fat from our script. This was extremely important to get right from the beginning because it would dictate our every action. We started with a huge amount of research on Coffee, listed facts, and sketched ways we could portray our research in a narrative infographic form.

The key Janice outlined was essential so we weren't blindly dropping colors in 3D.

We knew we wanted a simplified and rounded character to communicate a fun and friendly vibe with our saturated color palette. We sketched ideas on paper and in 3D until finding the final "jellybean" form. The process was a balance between our design goals and our own technical limitations (rigging/animating), but ended with a character that walked that line perfectly.

A quick look at the rig and weighting I created for our character. My first attempt at animating was very stiff and I went back and studied walk cycles to get the proper bob and twist. Even on a simple character, normalizing the weighting is time consuming and could shatter the mesh. Due the limited time frame of the project, I had to balance what we knew and what we had to research.

This Cameramatic combo video shows the development of the piece over 14 weeks. To get the timing we recorded a temporary voice over and paced our sketches to it. By week 7 we had some rough camera movement in 3D and by week 8 I had finished the camera work and figuring out the transitions. Week 14 we were actually 98% done. After the final we spent time on color correction, extra compositing effects, and audio. A big thanks to Shane Sharpe for helping us sweeten the audio, and to Zack Taylor for his reads of our script!

Thanks for checking out our process!
-Team Coffee